Saturday, September 24, 2011

Canis Cost-Benefit Analysis

The Primos Truthcam46 is a camera that has a pretty loud "clunk" whenever it takes a picture.  Although it has lots of good qualities too, I've made past posts about why this camera gets on my nerves (see here).  The up-side is that I can use it in areas where I don't really have any specific purpose but "messing about" with my cams, and it doesn't matter.

So, not long ago, I walked into the kitchen and my lovely bride pointed to a pan of recently used cooking oil on the stove.....complete with bits of crusty breading that had fallen off whatever delicious morsel had been fried there.  My wife's comment to me was: "could you get rid of this oil?"  A normal person might dump it in an empty tin can, allow it to congeal and then throw it away.

I call that WASTEFUL!

Especially when there is a camera nearby with no specific purpose but to catch pictures just for fun-zies!

So, our story begins with the application of the attractant.

Remember....for a camera trap......this brand is loud as hell when it takes a picture.  Pay special attention to the time-stamp.

The question is: what's more important?  Food or fear? (especially if you're a Coyote)

Day 1:

Elapsed Time: < 1 minute.

Elapsed Time: < 30 seconds.

Elapsed Time: ~ 5 minutes

Elapsed Time: < 1 minute

Day Two:

Elapsed Time: ~ 2 minutes.

Elapsed Time: ~ 3 minutes

Elapsed Time: ~ 1 minute, 15 seconds.

Day Three.


  1. Looks like about everything liked the cooking oil.

  2. Very cool!!! I guess that food trumps fear! You got some nice photos out of that cooking oil.

    Do you have eastern or western coyotes there?

  3. Hey KB...

    I honestly don't know for sure if we have western or eastern coyotes...but I suspect they are western (but maybe I've just always wrongly assumed that). The western part of the state is just on the edge of the "great plains" and the east is into more deciduous forest, so I suppose it could go either way.

  4. Interesting that the scent of the cooking oil overpowers any disincentive the other animal scents provided to future visitors.

  5. Food trumps all, apparently!'ll notice that Red Fox doesn't linger long...and also never came 'round when the 'yotes were really hitting the area hard!