Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas From Your Friendly Neighborhood Trailblazer!

Hello Y'all....

Not much new to post.  After the craziness of the end of the semester, finals, etc....we almost immediately left and drove over five hours to visit the in-laws for a few days.  After that, we went to visit my side of the family (but they live close by, so it was just for the day). 

Thus, there's been little time to think about blogging.

However, one good thing happened....we finally got some snow.

This made my daughter (and me) happy.  It was nice to have some of the white stuff around for Christmas. 

My daughter and I took some time to play outside quite a bit recently.

Then, on Christmas Eve, I built a little fire.....lit up the grill....and enjoyed the cool whether with a few dark, malty libations while cooking some grass-fed Porterhouse steaks for the wife and kid.

Very enjoyable.

No real wildlife-related pics or videos from this year....and even looked back through my files from last year and really could find only this little clip of a very nice buck taken on Christmas of 2011. 

Not one of Ol' St. Nick's....but with a rack like that, it looks "Reindeer-ish" at first glance.  :)

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to everyone!!

See you on the other end of the trail!


  1. Merry Christmas! Glad to see you an your daughter out playing in the snow. Love the deer clip too. It's awesome how he just looks up and stares at the camera. Great stuff!


  2. I see you came over to my blog to see a real reindeer :) Happy Holidays TB!

  3. I might need to just spend Christmas with you next year. Those steaks and snow both look wonderful.

  4. You're welcome to come by anytime, JK! With the love of good beer you seem to have (based on some of the blog entries you all have posted), I'm sure you'd enjoy our excellent micro-brews up here.

  5. Merry Christmas to you too! It sounds like you had a great one, much better than ours. We spent it sick... so no malty libations while tending an outdoor grill for us!

    1. Bummer! Nothing worse than being sick on a Holiday! Hope you all are feeling better now....