Monday, January 6, 2014

Bring In the New Year with Bucky!

The New Year Badger!

...and unlike the collegiate athletic team who uses his visage....this Bucky's New Year's outing gave me something to be happy about...

You'll notice the individual above is much-fattened since the last video clip we got back in October (assuming its the same individual).

Badgers are not obligate hibernators.  They do, however, reduce activities and movement in the winter months (reviewed here).  When we saw him or her in the fall, I still thought it might have been a transient individual.  There has not been a resident Badger on this property in recent years.  Furthermore, a Badger did pass through in the fall of 2012, but this encounter yielded only one fleeting picture, which indicated it was a transient.

I'm assuming that this Badger has a den nearby, given that they tend to stay closer to their dens in the winter, and it has been bitterly cold these past weeks. 

Anyone who follows this blog may remember that I have a particular fondness for Mustelids.  And, of course, I grew up with a love of Badgers, having been born in Wisconsin.  Therefore, I am happy to have something related to Badgers that I can celebrate for the New Year!

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  1. Ok, NOW you're just getting braggy!

    :) Hope you had a fantastic holiday and break!