Saturday, November 26, 2011

Pretty Little Ditties....

Nothing super exciting for now.  Have some cameras out behind the house that I haven't been able to check in over a week due to the holidays.  Also have some cams out as part of another student exercise....the labors (and fruits) of which I'll share soon, I hope.  I was disappointed to see illegal hunting activity on the site we were working with students (brand new deer stand smack-dab in the middle of the property).  Luckily everyone had their orange vests on (and luckily no one was in the stand).  Now I just hope they don't mess with the cameras, as I can't imagine they didn't come back to the property to hunt over the Thanksgiving weekend.  I informed the property owner, but they were gone for the weekend and not much can be done but for me to sweat it out.  All the cams are in full security lock-down mode, but I've already shared with you all how unreliable even THAT can be (see herehere and here)!

But...for now.....let me take you back east to the fine state of North Carolina.

Dave has been checking some of our remaining cams (those that weren't on sites where thievery occurred).  He sent some pics last week and several of them were rather pretty or interesting.  Nothing fancy (just deer....hundreds and hundreds of photos of deer)....but some sort of neat shots among them.

The pic below turns out so nice due to the heavy frost that hit the area.  This is heavier than any frost we've gotten in the upper Midwest!

I quite like the one below.  Not only do the woods in autumn look nice, but the buck is posed well, and the steam rising off of the stream to the right really looks cool....


  1. Wow, really great pics. Nice cam placement to get the creek bank (not to mention the creek)

  2. Never have figured out why people feel the need to trespass in order to hunt.

  3. You did get some artistic photos! I, too, like the cam placement to get the stream bank and the animals walking along side it. Learning how to place cams to cover an area best is really an art.

    Here in CO, trespassing to hunt is VERY serious offense. I don't know about there... but here, wildlife officials would be very interested. On the flip side (not to make you more worried), the illegal hunters would have big motivation to get those cams out of there if they knew that their photos had been taken by the cams.

    Good luck! I hate the camera thieves...