Monday, June 25, 2012

Momma's not sharing.....

I've posted a video clip of these quadruplets not long ago at this site (see previous clip of them here).

They are still hanging out near the camera.  You can see from these more recent clips that they have been mostly content to be together (i.e., all the little ones are following momma in a nice line wherever she goes).

But only a day or so after the clips above were taken, momma decides that she isn't in the sharing mood and her patience is running alittle thin.  I suppose having four kids will do that to a parent.  Regardless, she comes down hard on one youngster that tries to sneak in on whatever morsel she's munching (note: you may have to maximize the size of this clip and the one below it to better see what's happening).

After that reprimand, all of the little ones seem to learn that momma needs some space when eating......

General Notes On Raccoon Reproduction, Parturition and Parental Care:

Raccoons typically breed from Feburary to March.  The female will give birth several months later (60 to 73 days) and from that time on is constantly with her offspring (unlike the male, who has almost no direct contact with his progeny after they are born).  Litter sizes of 4 to 5 are common.  The female nurses for roughly 5 weeks, at which time the babies are weaned.  The female and young remain together through the fall, and sometimes during their first winter.

So, the babies above have alot of time left with their mother, but have already learned a valuable lesson!

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  1. Wow! That must have been some good food she found. Great clip series!