Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Phenology: Wildlife Babies Abound

Things have been crazy as usual around here.

I've got alot of stuff to share with you all, but no time to post it!

Figured I could at least get this quickie post in, as it requires little explanation.

The babies started showing themselves for several species just in the last week 'round these parts.....

To start things off: my first camera-trapped fawn of 2012.

The momma comes forward with some trepidation.....

...but she's followed closely by junior......

At a completely different site, several species have acted like "proud parents" for the camera.

First a video clip of a Whistlepig (Marmota monax) with two youngsters close behind....  I've actually managed to get pics of baby 'pigs before, back in NC (see here).

...and just this morning.....a momma Racoon (Procyon lotor) with a group of little ones in-tow.....

More to post again soon (hopefully) soon as I catch my breath, that is!


  1. Yeah....even a blind pig finds an acorn (with a camera trap) sometimes.... :)