Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Some New Brutes for 2012

I'm not one to go nuts over "big bucks"....however, there are some brutes hanging around the property.

Could be one of the same individuals from last year (see here and here).

Seeing that the "rut" is soon to be upon us....I can't resist posting some clips of these guys.

This one is at a completley different site....almost in the next county.  But he's still a brute.  His antlers are not quite as impressive as the top fella, but check out the neck on this one!  Thick as a mature oak branch!

The clips below were grabbed at a location very near where the video clips at the top of this post came from.  Either it's the same individual (hard to tell from the clips), or another large bruiser in the area.

I've also captured some interesting behavior associated with this last individual. 

But I'll save that for a subsequent post!

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