Friday, August 12, 2011

Mother-grabbing CAMERA THIEVES!

I'm almost out of the camera trapping business.

It's just too damn expensive.

Dave called me from North Carolina this morning to tell me that a camera from a completey different project than the one we had cameras stolen from not two week ago (see here) got jacked!

That's four cameras in just about two weeks.

Like the others that were stolen, this camera was padlocked in a metal security box, and lag-screwed to a tree.

This time, however, the thieves must have yanked it off of the tree.  Dave found only one lag screw still imbedded in the tree when he went to service the cams this morning.  The hole where the screws went through the security box must have been rusty enough for them to pull the screw-head through.  Perhaps this gave them just enough purchase to somehow cut through the other lag screw (?).

Not sure how they are going to get the padlock off.  I hope they break the camera in the process, or give themself a gash that opens a major artery while doing so (I don't hope they die, mind you....but I wouldn't mind them being bed-ridden for a time).

I just don't get it.  I'm at a loss. What's wrong with people?

Another ongoing research project ruined and forced into early retirement.

I'd like to hold it together but I can't any longer.....

SUNOVA @*)$Y!&!#)@!@##)(*@$!#_(*@#$)@$@_!_!($@(*$@(*&$@(^!#)(*&!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Theft is foul and disgusting.
    I'm sending some nice *hex* thoughts their way, too..may rabid badgers end up in their pants!!!

  2. Thank you Samantha!

    I hope that hex works!! They deserve it!

  3. Oh man, I cannot believe it. What terrible luck, and what terrible human beings (if you can call them that). I hope that you can find a way to replace all the stolen cams.

    You made me worried. I hadn't visited my cams in 2 wks until today. Phew, they were all still where I left them.

  4. I'm glad your cams were all in-place, KB!

    It's definitely relieving to go out and see them untouched every time.

    I'm seriously thinking about getting insurance on them in the future.

  5. Ive been way out of the loop here lately! I was shocked to see this post ! This is so pathetic. It seems like morals and ethics are just going down the drain. Some just do what they want with no regards of others. Karma will bite them in the ass someday, but it's too bad you won't get to see it. Regardless, I'm glad you are back in action and hope things have settled down from your move.