Sunday, September 23, 2012


Keeping with my sibling rivalries string of posts, here are the best close-ups of raccoons getting after eachother that I have gotten to-date....

Pretty humorous to watch, as well!

Everything appears to be going swimmingly between these two, when suddenly one bolts.....and that triggers it.

Then it's on!

The two chase eachother out of frame at some point.

Then about three minutes later an individual I call "Stumpy" randomly meanders through (apparently minding his own business).

Stumpy remains in the background and doesn't seem to know what he's in for....

......until one of the pugilists returns. 

Cautiously the contender scans the top of the reed canary grass looking for his antagonist.....but still gets blind-sided!

The two square-off and Stumpy quickly decides he's had enough and skee-daddles!

A VERY brief respite before getting back to the action....

Which then continues....

....and continues....


But, something suddenly catches their attention....

...and then they're gone......


  1. Wow-so incredible to catch all this action. I was expecting Stumpy to get in the fray.

  2. Blind luck, on my part...but sometimes even a blind pig finds an acorn :)

    re: Stumpy. I know! I was expecting a battle royale of sorts....but Stumpy must have been older and wiser. I do think it's funny to watch his eyes glowing in the background of that one clip. You can see him watching the other two and then that pair of eyes takes off ("I'm outta here!"). :)

  3. Ah, siblings. Good stuff. You think Stumpy might be Mom?

  4. Huh....never thought of that, RT! I wonder.

    I haven't seen this stump-tailed individual at this site haven't seen it with juveniles.

    Interestingly, I have another "stumpy" that frequents my camera at a different site. I guess loosing one's tail is fairly common in Raccoons 'round here!

  5. Those clips are very cool. You've persuaded me that I need to use the video function more often.

  6. Hey Jeremy!

    Good to hear from you.

    The video function does cut down on those "blurry" pictures of things running through quickly. You also get some really interesting behaviors on occassion!

  7. TB: What brand are you using? I'm waging war with Cuddeback, and about to purchase a Bushnell. But I'm interested in seeing what you use. The quality, although IR, is pretty good.

    The raccoons are adorable, and I wonder why they spend so much time in front of this camera? Did you know it was 'coon grounds? Or are you scenting/baiting?

  8. Hi Alyssa.

    These are Ltl. Acorns. I have really liked them and the price is reasonable.

    I have some Bushnell Trophy Cams that I am hot and cold on. I generally prefer the Acorns. Although, keep in mind that my Bushnells are 2009 models and perhaps Bushnell cameras have improved dramatically since then.

    One place to get good honest reviews on camera traps is

    Also, Ron Bury (see link to his blog "Ron Bury's Wildlife" in my blog list to the left) has some some thorough comparisons of Bushnell and Ltl. Acorns that he's posted.

    Good luck!

  9. Very enjoyable watching the Raccoons. Reminds me of the Pine Marten trying to catch the Wood mouse I posted a while back.

    I still don't rate Bushnell very highly. I can only describe their menu system on the non viewer cameras as hard work and the viewer models aren't much better. Compared with the Acorns they use a lot (and I mean a lot) of battery power; and are larger and heavier. Also, even though they have a faster published trigger speed, they are in fact demonstrably slower than the Acorns; not to mention more expensive.

    I'm shortly to do a comparison between the new Acorn 6210 and Bushnell 119477.

    My personal favourite for a low cost, easy to use and generally reliable trail camera is the Acorn 5210, even though its daylight videos are not particularly good quality.


    1. Thanks Ron. I'm looking for something less than $250, but has good quality, and quick trigger speed. Cuddeback is HORRIBLE.