Saturday, September 8, 2012

What Spooked the White-tails?

Deer tend to mill about in front of my cameras with some complacency.  I typically get video clip after video clip of them wandering in circles and grazing (especially the fawns).

So when I saw this clip, it surprised me a tad.  This fawn is clearly on the alert....head up, looking around, ears swivelling, nose working.

I was even more surprised to see her and momma suddently bolt in a subsequent clip....

Why did they bolt?

About two minutes later, the reason(s) trotted into view. 

But when something just doesn't feel right....even these two are gone in a heartbeat.


  1. Wow! I thought the canines would come in from the other side the way the deer in the first clip was alerting, although one of the deer in clip 2 came from there. Can't imagine what would have spooked the coyotes though!


  2. Hey Bill!

    Yeah, there are a few clips of the fawn facing to the right (where the coyotes come from)...but in these clips the fawn was mostly cut-off (like only the back leg showing), so i didn't post them.

    Whatever spooks the 'yotes shall remain a mystery! But they bolt like someone zapped their backsides with a cattle-prod!

  3. These video cameras are really paying off-great stuff!