Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Walkin' Bird Day!

I know it's cliche and all that jazz....but why not show some pictures of Walkin' Birds to celebrate how delicious they taste?  AND to celebrate Thanksgiving with family and friends, of course!

Below are some recent pics of the rafter that's been hanging out behind the house all year.  I'm assuming these are the poults that were hatched on-site this summer (see here).  It's interesting that despite the resident Red Foxes and Coyotes in the area, most of these poults are surviving.

One morning last week, I took the dog outside for one of his daily evacuations and heard the unmistakable sound of turkeys clumsily flying through tree branches.  I looked up and the group of them had been roosting in the pine and oak trees right behind the house the night before. 

I saw the same rafter again this morning as I walked behind the house to check my cameras.

I was able to count 15 of them.

I, personally, can't wait to tuck in to some juicy Walkin' Bird....sweet potato souffle....maple pudding...sunshine corn bread....mashed bean casserole.....rice pudding.....pumpkin pie........and etc.

Happy Walkin' Bird Day (and a Happy Thanksgiving)
to Everyone!!


  1. That dinner sounds amazing. I'm sad we don't celebrate Thanksgiving in these parts. Enjoy it!

  2. Love the last picture. Happy T day trailblazer

  3. Thanks guys!

    Best wishes to you both...

  4. All those pictures are great! The last one takes the cake though. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving Trailblazer!