Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Your Weekly Fawn

I meant to start this two weeks ago...but just didn't get around to it.

With all of the fawn pictures I'm getting, I might as well post some for folks that like cute stuff. :)

Here are pics of this mother/fawn from two weeks ago (probably some of these are of the same one that I posted pics of earlier).  As usual, the doe is constantly licking the fawn....keeping it clean so its harder for predators to smell it....

These are from last week. I'm particularly fond of the pictures in the mist.

These are some pics of a fawn that showed up last week at one of my cameras at a completely different site.

This week when we checked the pics, it appeared things have slowed down a tad, probably from all of the storms.  But there are a few fawn pics to share....

This was interesting....suddenly a pair of twins showed up at one of my sites.

I'm sure there will be more fawn pics to share in the future!


  1. Good sets. I still only have one fawn pic all spring :(. I know they're there because I've seen them. Maybe mine are just camera shy :).

  2. Excellent pics! I've been seeing more fawns than usual this year.


  3. Thanks, Guys!

    Good luck getting more fawns, Joe.

    I've definitely gotten more overall fawn pictures this year...but last year got repeated pictures of a set of triplets. No triplets this year.

  4. Yes, I do love cute fawn photos!!!! The mist ones are awesome!

  5. Thanks, KB....I really like those photos in the mist too.