Friday, February 24, 2012

Yes.....LET'S Talk About the Weather: winter's stubborn ways.

In an effort to play off of a post by the good fellas over at Camera Trapping Campus (see Let's Talk About the Weather, posted Feb. 23, 2012).....I say, "yes, let's do talk about the weather!"

Here in the upper Midwest, winter has decided it's not giving up so easily.  These pictures were from this morning after several inches of wet heavy snow fell and clung to all available surfaces.

Now, for folks who don't like snow....this would be annoying for late February....

....but....I'm alittle weird....

...and I was glad to see some of the white stuff again.....

...especially when it looks this incredible!

(although I can't help but be slightly envious of the 75 degrees and sunny that they are getting over there in California!)


  1. You'll have some nice tracks tomorrow morning!

  2. All that white snow sure is pretty though. We have hardly had enough mud to track let alone all that dep snow you are in for a fun tracking treat

  3. Hey Alyssa and JK...

    Well, unfortunately, because the snow was so wet and heavy, it all fell off of the branches and made poc-marks everywhere in the snow....hard to find any trails initially!

  4. Hardly any snow this year in north west Scotland. Not at all like two winters ago when I was in several feet of the stuff for three months and down to -25C. That was a real camera killer.

    Hope you get some tracking opportunities.

    By the way, part four of the review is up.

    1. Excellent! I'll get over there and check out the review....

  5. You can keep the snow. I'll just enjoy YOUR snow pics :). I will admit to enjoying a little bit to track in.

  6. Tracking was only so-so, unfortunately.

    But, yesterday, my daughter and I found deer tracks easily enough. So easy, in fact, that she "tracked" the deer, while I followed, for quite a ways (for a three-year old, anyhow). Daddy had to help her every once in a while...and I had to move branches out of her way...and lift her over some raspberry bushes once...but it was worth it to watch her follow the tracks and occassionally hear her say "look...deer poop!"