Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Baby Stinkers, Sibling Rivalries, and a 'Yote in Summer Coat

As with last year, wildlife offspring are starting to show up frequently on the camera traps.

This year, "Skunk" has been the word in baby critters.

Here a momma with a bunch of tag-a-longs shuffle by the camera (I count six baby tails).

Not long after, two baby skunks (Mephitis mephitis) whom are likely siblings start to get after eachother.  There's nothing funnier to me than watching these little puff-balls tumble around in front of the camera.

I've posted similar incidences of sibling rivalries last year, albeit with Raccoons (Procyon lotor)....see here, here and here....

Now that I mention Raccoons.....where are the Raccoon babies this year on my sites?  Last year, there was a momma with at least five offspring all over the same site where I got the skunk babies this year.

We shall see.....

I saw my first fawn of the year back on May 19th....but didn't get my first on a camera trap until recently.

Another random event.....this appears to be a Great Crested Flycatcher (Myiarchus crinitus).  See the tuft of feather on the crown (top of the head), the yellow belly and the brownish tail feathers.  This species is fairly common 'round here....but a first on the camera trap for me.  Interesting tid-bit about this species, their nests apparently almost always contain snake skins (or strips of plastic that might resemble a snake skin).

Finally, some very nice shots of a 'Yote (Canis latrans) in summer coat.  They look much different now than they look in the winter (especially considering this one is soaking wet and looks even more scraggly).  But I love those ears! 
I don't get too many pictures of 'yotes at this site, so I'm always happy when I'm lucky enough to get one coming through.


  1. Those little skunks are adorable! What great captures. Do they always run around with their tails up? I thought they would keep them down if they weren't threatened. The coyote almost looks hyena-ish with its summer coat. Great stuff as usual Trailblazer.


  2. Regarding their tails.....many, many of the videos and pics I get of skunks show them with their tails fully-erect. In most of these cases, the skunks were investigating something. So I wonder if they are instictively on-alert when focused on something (a scent, etc.), in case something decides to mess with them from the backside while they are pre-occuppied?

  3. There is not much cuter than a baby skunk. Or is it skunk-let? They are on my bucket list of wild animals to handle. Stink and all. That coyote looks so handsome with that coat. I have to get caught up on my camera trap pictures and share some good ones. This is a great time of year for wild animal activity!