Friday, August 19, 2011

Ol' Bag O' Bones

This poor ol' critter has been hanging around one of my cameras back in North of the few that hasn't been stolen recently, that is   :(

Dave sends me updates now that I live in the upper Midwest, and this one came across today.

I'd seen this individual once before back in June and it was skinny then too.  I've seen some other skinny deer this year, but they were nursing does. 

No fawns hanging around this one.

Just a sorry looking deer.


  1. Wonder if she's just old and well past her prime?? I've seen some skinny does with fawns this year also.

  2. That sure is a skinny deer. Is there chronic wasting disease in that area?

  3. Ya know...I'd never heard talk of CWD in the could be, I guess. But I suspect I would have heard some rumors (at least) about it.

    Perhaps she is old. I've never actually looked at any figures, but with the mild winters down there...I can imagine deer live to be older than they do up in the north.

    Thanks for reading!